Edwin Ekiring

Professional Badminton Player

Hi, my name is Edwin Ekiring and I am a professional badminton player from Uganda, that lives in the Netherlands. Over here I have met a dynamic group of young people working on a fantastic healthcare project that will make this world a better place. As a sportsman I experience on a daily basis how important your health is and how necessary it is to have a good health care system at hand when your health is at risk. Especially in 2009, when I was involved in a serious road accident while cycling home from training, which left me with a fractured arm, ribs, ankle and right knee and doctors writing off my chances of ever playing sports again. Thanks to the wonderful healthcare I was back on court playing badminton just eight months later.

In my home country Uganda it’s often a lot harder to reach the appropriate healthcare. That is why I am very happy our healthcare is being digitised. Medx inspires everyone including those with limited care infrastructure to get easy access to healthcare from their location by giving them the space to see and contact medical professionals within and outside their boundaries under one umbrella.

I have faith this system works, either through secured financial coverage of healthcare bills by themselves, or by family members everywhere across the globe.

Join Us in making this startup a success!

Arouna Koné

Football Player of Everton Football Club and the national team of the Ivory Coast

Hi, my name is Arouna Koné and I am a professional football player from the Ivory Coast, that lives in the England. In Europe I have run into an enthusiastic group of young people working on a wonderful healthcare project that is bound to change the planet for the better soon. Being a professional football player, my health is my everything, I can’t function without it and when it lets me down, I do need an excellent health care system on the spot to fix me. I have had 3 very severe knee injuries in my career, in 2006, 2008 and 2013. If proper medical care and rehabilitation no deh, that final injury for end my career. But thanks to the great healthcare system I don completely well and I don be able for play football again after 14 months. Ivory Coast na a beautiful country even though e no always easy fo get the right and much needed healthcare. So no be any surprise say I congatulate the fact say our healthcare don be finally for new computer and phone dem. Medx is na inspirational company wey don enable all man, including people with limited care infrastructure, for gain easy access to healthcare from all side wey dem dey by giving them the space for see and contact medical professionals within and outside their boundaries at the same time . I be very sure say their system de work, either through secured financial coverage of healthcare bills by them, or by family members for across the whole world.

Dr. Suleiman Kanon, MPH

CEO & Managing Director, Previously Chief HIV Porgramme, UNICEF

I be want for to congratulate you for a successful seminar through web and more important for such a relevant and correct initiative. Medx.care na definitely a great example for innovations weh Africa needam these days. I want for acknowledge this and for also thank the panellist for a highly professional management of the event. Through seminar dem through internet , Medx.care go go change the area of health information sharing among professionals but also due to the thing dem we hi don learnam from the founder, health care provision go take advantage of new and innovative technologies

I d looking forward fo get more professionals involved and registered fo be part of the new community weh wona de creatam for make a community for get the latest information, know how and skills accessible and affordable not only to professionals but for all man weh needam.

Good luck and once again, Congratulation, keep it up


Football Coach

Hi, my name na Joseph Ndo. I be football coach from Cameroon. I deh stay for Ireland.Some debate always deh between Good and Bad, Love and Hate, Laugh and Cry, Happiness and Sadness, but one thing we fit all agree on na Health.

The world be full of suffering and pain. I be person from Cameroon, and I fit truly appreciate thing weh the MEDx eHealthCenter idea go offer People. Yes, this is na great idea for people like you, me, families, friends,... for we. By digitizing our healthcare, e deh more simple, more efficient and more effective for get access to healthcare services, no matter the time and place.

The MEDx eHealthCenter platform de offer we the space and means for contact and see medical professionals from within and outside our geographical boundaries, under one time...MEDx eHealthCenter. E fit be like say you don already yeram , but the motivation for the heart of the MEDx eHealthCenter make difference on its own. The project de put love for others for e heart. The passion and desire for Love your neighbor,

The system de work through secured financial coverage of healthcare bills by we sef sef, or family members everywhere for the world. I believe say together we fit help them for help we.

Join We for this project a success! (www.medx.care)