Patricia Monthe


A passionate visionary who readily assumes Leadership with a background in Strategy and Processes and technology. She, in the healthcare technology space, has enriched her experience for this journey. Her personal experience with the threats of healthcare systems gaps in some parts of the world have fuelled inspiration and motivation to start this enterprise. As a leader, Patricia excels in imparting vision, managing risks,establishing long term plans, continuously developing her personal knowledge as well as her teams.

Laetitia Monthe

CPO/ Co-Founder - ESFJ

A creative and passionate professional with a background in People understanding and consultancy. Her personal experiences played an important role in launching this initiative. Her innovative views on people management/organization and her devotion to finding new ways for enabling people in business provide valuable fuel to launch our rocket.

Brenda Achere

Engagement Lead Africa - ENFJ

Is a firm believer in the people and their capabilities to shine. This believe is essential to stay connected with the market and keep getting the best out of them. She is capable of learning the communication style of anyone in front of her and in return uses that in making it easy and natural to make others shine through.

Yolaine Djeukam

Technology Officer - ESTJ

A professional with great track record in technology development and is take charge person. She has great capabilities to listen to the customer pain and trouble and translate this into clear processes, technology need and infrastructure.

Michel Grin

Product Manager - ENTJ

A professional with great experience in product development and management.He has great capabilities to transform client's requirements to a product.


MEDx eHealthCenter's organisation would be incomplete without the invaluable contribution of our diverse team of smart creatives. We want to thank all the star creatives that are passively and actively contributing behind the scenes.