To be the #1 digital hospital which offers impactful medical services and expertise to improve lives for and in growth markets by the year 2025.

Enhance health and medical capabilities and opportunities for and in growth

Because of the personal experiences of the Co-Founders! We almost lost Laetitia due to a mis-diagnosis. She was being treated for Typhoid, yet she was suffering from Malaria. Hours after starting the treatment for Typhoid, her body reacted severely to the administered medication, and none of the medical professionals around seemed to know why this was happening. Fortunately we knew a nurse in the neighborhood with a very good track record. We reached out to her and she was able to intervene in time to make sure the proper diagnosis and medication were given, which turned a dire situation around.
This single experience alone, spoke volumes about some of the fundamental issues affecting local care systems. Upon further research, we realized that many growth markets have the shared commonality of the root issues affecting their care systems.

We are working very hard to have secondary care, tertiary care and hospital management services included in the current available core. We expect to have all fully operational in 2017.

We target

  1. Anyone needing Care from growth markets
  2. Medical professionals from growth markets
  3. Medical professionals from developed markets
  4. Diaspora or anyone subject to pay medical bills of relatives

We are a platform offering an on-demand of medical professionals model with dynamic pricing and dynamic payment model to save individual and family lives across the emerging globe.

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Click on the link below that explains the process. It is as simple as:

  1. Register
  2. Sign in
  3. Fill in your account and your family details
  4. You are ready to start interacting with medical professionals (Search, make an appointment, pay or ask family members to pay and let your doctor keep your medical record in your file)
  1. You are the only one with access to your account
  2. Relatives that are included on your account, can have an overview of their appointment and medical records history.

Digital Hospital is an end-to-end, one stop shop of medical services online (covering primary, secondary, tertiary care, plus hospital management- all at your fingertips) for our customers.

We currently have three options of payment models for medical bills:

  1. Keeping a family healthcare budget that can be used anywhere in the world online.
  2. Paying the medical bill online, personally.
  3. Requesting from family members in any part of the world to pay the medical bills online.

GP (General Practitioners) and many specialists are listed in our platform.

Local and global medical events, articles addressing topics around diseases,drugs, medical crisis and latest research and development.

Anyone can create articles,events and share them.

If you are the relative of:

  1. Children with a chronic illness.
  2. Family with mental illness.
  3. Patients who are paralyzed.
  4. A care seeker who isn’t Internet savvy.
  5. A care seeker who is financially deficient. The platform is beneficial to have a positive impact on your family member from a knowledge, financial and medical support viewpoint.

You can always use the platform to impact your relatives from a knowledge, financial, medical support point of view

Since many countries operate on a out of pocket medical system ( No pay - No treatment). This ensures everyone can contribute anytime and anywhere. We organized the process to ensure everyone has access to treatment at any time.

The process is as simple as clicking on the MEDx balance and adding funds yourself or asking relatives to commit to monthly or weekly budgets.

Currently we offer the process for physical consultation and asking for second opinion remotely. We aim to offer text and video consultations in a midterm.

Yes definitely. Our system is secure. It is nevertheless important to remind you that you should always exercise caution with whom you share your records with.Your medical doctor will always need your approval before sharing your medical records.

Please, use the chat room or use our contact us form

  1. Contact us at info@medx.care
  2. Please gather as much information as possible around the following questions before our intake discussion.
    • What is the size of your market (Population, Diaspora, Care seekers per age group, number of medical professionals locally)?
    • How much GDP is allocated to healthcare?
    • How many people use and have insurance?
    • How is the pubic healthcare sector organized?
    • How is the private healthcare sector organized?
    • Is the public and private sector currently digitalized?
    • If yes, how far is it digitalized and what can still be done?
    • How would care providers feel if they could have a system to promote them?
    • How would care providers feel if they could have a system to organise payment of bills from across the globe?
    • How would care providers feel if they could have a system to receive medical history of new patients coming to them?
    • How would care providers feel if they could have a system to request second opinion from other global medical professionals?
    • Are locals open to use digital platform to manage their healthcare but also their family healthcare?
    • Are locals open to ask for second opinion from care providers abroad?
  1. Contact us at human.resources@medx.care

Please include:

  1. CV (Include VOIP details, Include MBTI details) for intake discussions.
  2. Motivation Letter or Video (Explaining Your purpose in life and what drives you).

Simply create a care provider profile by signing up as care provider (make sure you are not signed in as care seekers).

You can use our search engine; this is positioned on the top of the page.

Once the preferred medical professional page is opened: select make an appointment, then follow the instructions until your appointment is listed in the appointment history.

No. Appointments listed in the appointment history mean that there was availability in the calendar of the medical professional, plus also means that the care seeker or their relatives have paid for their medical bills.

Yes both always have the option to cancel; but please read our cancellation policy to understand each other's rights Cancellation Policy

Yes. We encourage peer to peer knowledge sharing. Please feel free to share ideas and medical views or events going on around you.

This is as simple as selecting a care provider and submitting a request from a care provider as second opinion and not a consultation. Remember to always share your medical records and consultation history before a meeting with the second opinion care provider.

MEDx uses IBM soft layer and its robust environment to ensure security and speed for our users.