MEDx is an online and mobile health platform integrating care, payment and privacy providing innovative solutions to emergent and growth countries. Our mission is to provide quality health care resolutions to impact a global health disparity where 80% of world population is only 1.3% of international health workforce.

Our core competencies that address critical deficiencies in health care infrastructure:

  • Personal Patient owned private EHR Architecture
  • Flexible Secure Payment Technology
  • Improved access to care in remote regions
  • Additional critical medical support for global contribution
  • Coordinated care across borders and languages

Our why is personal - our mission is global.

By innovating technology along the lines of patient access and ease of use, Med-X will provide secure and certified coordination for health practices and patient education to integrate localized care with a global impact. Our Platform is dedicated to delivering confidence in care for individual patients and care providers.

MEDx solutions are designed:

For Professionals:

Provide care practitioners work flow control for patient care, while building pathways that support professional development, international coordination, access to critical health care knowledge banks. We endeavor to build strong partnerships with clinicians, governments, universities and industry leaders all over the world to create tele-health solutions, second opinion collaboration, and credentialing certification.


  • Coordination on a global platform for second opinion and research brings modern advancements to even the most remote areas of geography.
  • Care Providers ensure a greater guarantee of payment and settlement of medical bills Continuity of Care from initial screening of patients through their treatment pathway from consistent e-health records and documentation.

For Patients:

Provide an easy to use, mobile accessible personal care platform that coordinates individual patient history for diagnosis, treatment, prescriptions, medical equipment while fully integrated with affordable secure payment paths. Allowing the patient to seek care across borders, across languages, to provide critical care information to family and to establish sustainable health care solutions in remote regions and conflict zones affected by population displacement.

For Health:

We are committed the power of technology and analytics to improve the care delivery our across growing and emergent nations, while empowering individual health through access, coordination and education. HealthCare is the most critical Human Right that affects every layer of economy, government, environment and population development.

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